First shown off back at last years CES many were extremely excited about the Motorola Atrix and its lapdock accessory, and with good reason. While the price eventually was quite expensive and the device didn’t ship probably as much as many had hoped today we have good news. The AT&T Motorola Atrix Lapdock accessory can now be yours for just $50 dollars, down from current retail price of $299 — more details below.

The Motorola Atrix and the accessory lapdock are both awesome devices and here’s our full review of both. The lapdock was a fool-proof idea that made your dual-core Tegra 2 powered Atrix into a full out laptop and even had its own built in battery. We all know plenty about this and it was sadly priced way to high. Now with the new Lapdocks available that are universal to all Motorola phones it appears AT&T is cutting their losses and have dropped it to a pretty impressive price.

For those still rocking the original Atrix this would be an exceptionally good time to pickup the Lapdock while it’s only $50. If the accessory was priced around $50 or even $99 when first launched I’d imagine it would have been a lot more successful, either way feel free to try it now if the price was a bit steep for you before. These original docks only worked with their specific smartphone so most likely only Atrix users can take advantage here but I’d be sure and look into it if you happen to own a Bionic or the Photon 4G just in case you can get it working.

They probably wont last long at this price so if you’re interested in the original Atrix lapdock head down to the via link below and secure your own today for just $50 from AT&T.

[via AT&T]