Lately, we’ve been seeing Motorola offering Developer Editions of its various handsets. The DROID RAZR M, RAZR HD, and Photon Q came first, and now it’s time for the Atrix HD‘s moment in the spotlight. The Atrix HD Developer Edition has popped up on Motorola’s website, which means that it shouldn’t be too much longer before it’ll be available for purchase.

Naturally, the biggest draw of these Developer Editions is that they come with unlockable bootloaders, which send customization options through the roof. Of course, Motorola isn’t about to let you unlock the bootloader without voiding your warranty first, so be prepared to go it alone once Motorola gives you that unlock code. In any case, we’re sure that most people ordering an Atrix HD Developer Edition aren’t all that concerned about the warranty.

We don’t have a price or release date for the Atrix HD Developer Edition yet, with the listing on Motorola’s site only inviting interested parties to sign up for additional information. The fact that it’s appeared on Motorola’s site suggests that it’s coming soon though, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for that release date information. Even though we’re not sure of the price, we’re expecting it to be at least a little cheaper than the RAZR M and RAZR HD Developer Editions since the Atrix HD is just a touch older than either of those two handsets.

Still, keep in mind that the Atrix HD Developer Edition isn’t going to be an inexpensive handset since you’re buying directly from Motorola without a two-year plan to subsidize the price. If you need a refresher on the device, be sure to check out our full review of the Atrix HD. Keep it tuned here to Android Community, as we’ll have more information on the Atrix HD Developer Edition once it becomes available!