Just yesterday, we saw fastboot files for the Motorola DROID RAZR leak into existence over on XDA Developers and DROIDRZR.com. Now, two other Motorola devices have been graced with another generous leak of fastboot files – the ATRIX, and DROID Bionic. As a recap, I’ll note that fastboot files can be used to let a user flash stock recovery images to their device, thus helping them recover from a ‘soft brick’.

With the amount of development that goes into practically any Android device that currently hits the market, it seems these fastboot files shouldn’t have to be leaked in the first place. Hardware manufacturers would benefit their customers by hosting the files, and then their reputation through less ‘soft bricked’ devices. After all, the process to flash the fastboot files is very straightforward, and only a few steps.

Those of you interested in accessing these files can navigate here for the DROID Bionic, and here for the Motorola ATRIX. The directions on how to flash the files is located in the links as well. And as always, make sure you read them carefully. Who knows, maybe this trend will continue, and this secret fastboot leaker will help a few more Motorola devices.

[via Android Police] — Thanks Open1Your1Eyes0