It’s always nice to know that once you “brick” your device, there is a way to bring it back to life through fastboot. Just yesterday, leaked fastboot files for the Motorola DROID RAZR surfaced over at XDA Developers and Both sources claim that they have successfully flashed the files to their devices, so don’t feel like you have to be the guinea pig!

Another great use for the leaked files is to restore your phone to factory settings to maybe sell later on. But more importantly, developers will push the RAZR further knowing their device is now essentially “un-brickable”. We should even more development down the road.

Don’t forget to pick up the RAZR’s computer drivers if you haven’t done so already. Also needed will be RSD Lite, a program used for software upgrading and feature programming Motorola products. And last but not least, navigate here to download the necessary files to bring your RAZR back to life! And if this is your first time flashing a fastboot set, read through the original post very carefully and even through the subsequent ones so you’ll know exactly how/what to do.

[via Android Police]