All of you Droid fans will be happy to know that whilst taking a closer look at the Atrix 4G today, we noticed that the battery is in the same family as the model found in the Droid X. Upon even closer inspection and testing, we found that the batteries are swappable, meaning you’re going to have essentially the same battery potential with the Atrix 4G that you’ve had with your Droid X when you bust it out after it’s released.

While this does say something about the potential for battery life, it doesn’t mean that the Atrix 4G will certainly last as long during the day as your Droid X does. On the other hand, it might last longer! We’ll let you know once we’ve had a few days with the Atrix 4G at least – don’t want any false positives. Have a look above (Atrix 4G) and below (Droid X) at the photos we’ve taken of the batteries, then head back to the reviews and unboxings of either device: Droid X and Atrix 4G.