Today it’s been announced that AT&T users with a Motorola ATRIX 2 can now download Android 4.0 on their smartphones in an over the air update. This should help ATRIX 2 users get their devices caught up with some of the latest features Android has to offer. The update is available today, so users can start enjoying the awesome new features right away.

ATRIX 2 users will get access to a new browser that includes tabbed browsing, a desktop mode and offline reading. The ICS browser is fantastic, and it is a huge step up from the one previously installed on ATRIX 2 device. The update also includes Ice Cream Sandwich’s unlock features where users can open their phone directly to camera, text messaging or other apps.

Android 4.0 also helps users control their data usage, and let’s be honest, with AT&T being known for throttling users’ data, this is important. It has all kinds of charts that help users see exactly what they are using and manage it properly. The ATRIX 2 will also have access to the new People app, which greatly improves the contact screen.

To download the update over the air, ATRIX 2 users simply go to Settings > About Phone > System Update. From here, users can download the ICS and get access to all the awesome new features. This is yet another step in increasing install base of the newer Android OS, and that is always a good thing.

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