Yesterday it was an update for the Motorola Gallery app, and today we are seeing an update for the Motorola Assist app. This particular update is on the smaller side, however it will likely be one that is appreciated by those with multiple calendars on their device. Simply put, Assist will now allow you to choose which calendars are used for your meetings.

Those already using the Motorola Assist app can launch the app and head into the settings. Once there just look for the Meetings section, and when selected, you’ll be able to pick and choose which calendars you want to use. For those not already using the Assist app — Meetings allows you to avoid interruptions during meetings.


Once the app has been launched you would choose the Meetings section. From that point you have options to silence your phone or send automatic replies. Further settings for the silence option include silencing all, or allowing vibrations. You can also choose exceptions such as for times when you are called by a marked Favorite, or when someone calls twice in five minutes time.

The auto-reply option is just as the name sounds — when checked your phone will automatically send that quick reply when in a meeting. And nicely, you can customize that message to better fit your needs. Bottom line here, the silence and auto-reply options remain for meetings and Assist users can now decide which calendars they want included. Or perhaps more important for some, which calendars they don’t want included.

The Motorola Assist app is available by way of the Google Play Store.