For everything you need to know about the affirmed existence of the phone known as CLIQ 2, head over to not only Images Leak but also Hands-On. There you will find that not only that this device runs MOTOBLUR, has a 3.7 inch screen and a 1GHz processor, it also has a titanium hue and a January 9th launch date on T-Mobile. Why am I telling you all this? So you can make an informed guess as to what this mysterious image is telling us – especially along the lines of… the real name of the device.

The image you see above is shot by one of TmoNews inside super photographers and depicts the Motorola CLIQ right below a mystery phone by the ultra mysterious code name Motorola Alpha. As David, the fellow on TmoNews who writes the article this image is in notes, it makes sense that one CLIQ would be right atop the other. But do the specs that you read here from our first-hand experience with the device he guesses at (CLIQ 2) jive with the price $399.99 retail? Or is this a totally different phone just happening to sit aside the CLIQ?

[Via TmoNews]



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