During all the excitement this afternoon surrounding Google and Motorola’s new smartphone, the Moto X, one little minor detail was overlooked by many. What was that? Aside from the sad news of a locked bootloader, Google is offering everyone who gets the new X 50GB of free cloud storage through Google Drive.

With your purchase of the new Moto X, from any of the 5 carriers all supporting the just announced smartphone, you’ll instantly get 2 years of Cloud Storage absolutely free. Google will toss you a quick 50GB to go along with the 16 or 32GB of internal storage, so you should rarely be out of space.

With most cloud storage deals of this sort, getting access to your 50GB free will be extremely simple. Once you sign into your Google account on your new X and head into Google Drive, it should register the device and instantly add the credit to your account. We’ve seen similar offerings in the past with free storage for the Chromebook Pixel, but that wasn’t too easy to collect.

Dropbox did something similar with LG and Sony phone buyers, but now that Google owns Motorola this makes perfect sense. Get all those buyers to switch from whatever cloud storage apps they currently use, to try Google Drive. Whether you’re a fan of Drive or not, free cloud storage is always a good thing. We’ll take as much as we can get these days.