Many of us are counting down the days to August 1st, where Motorola and Google will finally unveil the new Moto X smartphone. They’ve been busy teasing us about it all month long, and last week sent out invitations for the announcement. Today though, we’ve received yet another tip suggesting that the Moto X has actually started shipping to carriers already.

There is a lot of hype and anticipation surrounding this new smartphone, for multiple reasons. Obviously with Google being basically in charge makes it important, not to mention the customization options, and most importantly the price. Which is rumored to under cut the Nexus 4 and be a stellar device for just $199 outright.

We’ve seen countless leaks of the hardware and even the software, so today we have something else for you. The notorious Taylor Wimberly, who’s been deadly accurate as of late with his Motorola leaks, just revealed some interesting info over on Google+. According to his “unverified sources” the device has actually started shipping to US carriers already, and it should arrive in stores starting tomorrow. Of course it won’t be up for sale yet, but we all know how that goes.

Taylor goes on to mention they are shipping to carriers this week, and then takes things up a notch by suggesting they could in fact go on sale THIS WEEK, following the big reveal by Google and Motorola. All the details will be released on August 1st at their event, which is Thursday, so possibly Friday and all weekend we’ll see them hit the shelves.

This hasn’t been confirmed but the device has cleared the FCC for all major US carriers already, so expect pre-orders to probably fire up right away Thursday evening.