The second Lenovo Tech World conference – the Taiwan-based company’s strategic technology conference – will be kicking off in San Francisco on June 9. That seems the perfect place for Lenovo to launch its new Moto and DROID smartphones, but what we’re really excited about is the upcoming Moto X Tango smartphone that is reportedly designed with consumers in mind.

You’ve heard about Project Tango, Google’s attempt to bring 3D mapping capabilities to tablet and smartphone devices, but the technology just hasn’t picked up. There have been Tango tablets and smartphones, but all of those have been targeted towards industrial usage. Lenovo has promised to put Tango technology on a consumer platform, a smartphone, and that looks to be the Moto X Tango.

Details are hard to come by, and if the leak about the new Moto X4 is anything to go by, Lenovo has started on the wrong foot. But Lenovo is promising that Moto will “transform mobile in a snap.” Camera-related? Snap? Those gold holes that look like ports at the back of the new Moto X might be a modular thing, but it’s really tough to say what kind of modules you could attach to the back of the lower portion of a phone.


Project Tango technology is all about room scaling and mapping, motion detection, and depth measuring. Maybe Lenovo can bring features that will make us want to use Tango technology. Or not. But we don’t have that long to wait to know.

SOURCE: Lenovo