Alas, Motorola has finally unveiled the new Moto G and Moto X. We’ve been expecting the pair for weeks and good thing the smartphones didn’t disappoint. What with the numerous photos and information spreading around before the official announcement, we were hoping for better smartphones. Motorola even surprised us by announcing not just one but two Moto X phones–the Moto X Style and Moto X Play as twin successors of a flagship.

The 3rd-gen Moto G is more of a budget phone so we’ll focus on this Moto X premium line. We’re interested to know if at least the Moto X Style can rival some of the flagship phones available in the market. DXOMARK was able to test the unit and the site describes this as pure ‘style and substance’.


Moto X Style ‘s overall score in DxOMark Mobile is 83 which is good. The phone features a 5.7-inch Quad HD screen, stereo sound, 21MP rear camera with wide-angle lens, autofocus, and color-balancing flash. It features TurboPower charging which means you can get 10-hour worth of battery only after 15 minutes of charging. That’s very impressive for any smartphone because as we all know, battery life is one of the more important deciding factors when it comes to purchasing a new phone. What’s the point of all those high specs and features if battery run out fast or charging takes a long time. TurboPower charging will be definitely a game-changer.

The guys at DxOMark tested the Moto X Style’s camera and presented some sample photos (view gallery below). The results are highly competitive. Here’s one sample:

Moto X Style sample photo 2

DxOMark Mobile Photo and Mobile Video scores are both 83. When it comes to imaging, the Moto X Style’s camera provides well exposed photos with pleasing colors, very good detail preservation, and accurate white balance. Autofocus is also accurate in most lighting conditions but can be unstable with flash and tungsten lighting. If you look closely at some photos, some bright areas are clipped and saturation is visible sometimes. With only the camera’s flash, some photos are slightly over-exposed.

As for the mobile video feature, the Moto X Style boasts of good stabilization and detail preservation in low or bright light condition. You’ll also notice fast adjustment of exposure and white balance. When you do an indoor walking test, you might notice a few stabilization artifacts and color shading with tungsten lighting. In lowlight condition, autofocus can be slow.

The Moto X STYLE score is excellent in DxOMark Mobile tests ranking 3rd, just after the Samsung Galaxy Note IV. Still in number one is the Galaxy S6 edge. Interestingly, the Moto X Style beats the Sony Xperia Z3 Plus, Apple iPhone 6, and the Galaxy S5. The device may be on third place but it is only three points behind the Galaxy S6 edge.

DxoMark Mobile

The Moto X Style comes after the Galaxy S6 edge (88) in Mobile Photo score with 83. Video score is also 83, just one point behind the Galaxy S6 edge.

mobile video score
mobile photo score