There won’t be a Moto X Play in the United States. Don’t be disappointed but the DROID Maxx 2 is coming. Actually, it’s the same phone but Motorola decided to just rename the model. The DROID Maxx 2 is a Verizon exclusive in the country so at least fans of the new Moto Android phone could get it from the carrier.

The Motorola DROID Maxx 2 being renamed from Moto X Play is not really a new thing because the first Moto Maxx entered the US market as a DROID phone last year. Mobile device will be available still later in 2015 with a $300 price tag. We can expect too this will be available on Moto Maker where you can customize the smartphone to your color preference.

There will also be a new DROID Turbo phone later this year. The Motorola DROID Turbo 2 is believed to be the Moto X Style since last year’s DROID Turbo was based on the Moto X. A possible new Motorola Droid was leaked last month with a mention of a metal chassis and wireless charging.

There’s also that “unbreakable” display description which is something to look forward too. We’re not sure what the means but it could be a new Gorilla Glass display or maybe a water-resistant or more rugged version of the phone. There’s a rumor though that display would be POLED (plastic) which is more flexible than glass. These changes could also mean a higher price, maybe at a $600 price point because of great improvements in hardware and features. We’ll see.

VIA: Phandroid