If you’re one of the many that picked up the Moto X smartphone, we have some accessories finally available to accompany your new custom device. Back in August both docks hit the Moto website, but shortly were removed and no longer available. However, today they’re in stock and can be yours starting at $39.95, although they won’t come in fancy colors like the phone.

Motorola partnered with Griffin, the popular accessory maker, and have released both a Power Dock for the desk, and a Car Dock for those wanting a little Google Music or Navigation while on the road. The Powerdock promises a perfect angle for viewing the device while it charges, and just like the car dock will be just under $40 bucks.

The Car Dock will automatically engage hands-free mode once your device is connected, and is secure enough as expected to be able to mount to a dash, or even the windshield. They sold out fast on Griffin’s site, so you’d better hurry.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 9.57.28 AM

We’ve already ordered one of each to take a peek at them once they arrive, and will be sure to test out how well the PowerDock works on a desk with a custom case. Although were not sure why you’d want to cover that custom colored Moto X with a case. Get them both from Motorola.com today at the link below.

VIA: Moto