Earlier this month during all of the crazy Moto X launch excitement we found a few official docks for the smartphone made by Griffin, the popular accessory company. There’s a nifty desktop or office dock, as well as a nice car dock for hands-free usage and navigation. Well, today they’re both available right from Motorola.

The Motorola X PowerDock by Griffin will run users $39.95 and promises a perfect viewing angle for hands-free usage and viewing, and also has a docking area wide enough to still use the dock with a case on your phone. Why hide that customized Moto X with a case? But if you do, it will still fit this dock.

Then the vehicle navigation car dock is available this afternoon as well, and will run the same price of $39.95 for those interested. When docked, the phone automatically launches into a safe and hands-free car mode. The dock is secure and can mount to a dash or windshield, and the hands-free car operations promise to work with most apps from the Play Store with ease.

Not bad Motorola. Instead of building these yourself and having us wait weeks, or sometimes months, before we ever get them is never ideal. Having a popular manufacturer like Griffin design and make accessories is a good move. We need this same plan for Nexus phones too, Google. For those interested in the desktop or car docks hit one of the two links below.

VIA: Motorola (2)