Motorola has once again expanded upon the Moto Maker design options. Unlike the last time, we aren’t seeing any new flavors of wood though. Instead Motorola has introduced the College Collection, and they are even offering a discount for those with a current .edu email address.

This College Collection includes options for nine new back colors, which are all dubbed as being “college colors.” There are also three new accent colors. Of course, the main aspect here may be in with the cases — as that is the part with the actual school logo and team name. Motorola has said they have “40 schools and counting.”


Those cases are clear, and those considering a purchase but looking to make things easy will also be able to jump in with a pre-configured setup based on their favorite school. Bottom line here, Motorola has added new back colors, new accent colors, and are also selling clear cases with school logos.

Having said that, the Moto X Moto Maker College Collection handsets are priced at $399. And to clarify, that is a contract-free $399. They can also be picked up from $49 on a new two-year agreement. Lastly, as for that college discount. Well, it seems Motorola will drop the price to (a contract-free) $339. You will need to register at, and also have the previously mentioned .edu email address to qualify.

SOURCE: Motorola