The wood backs may not yet be available for the Moto X, however Motorola has stepped up this morning with a solid Cyber Monday offer. They do warn that supplies will be limited, however the offer will be available for all off-contract models of the Moto X including Moto Maker and Developer Edition models.

Basically, Motorola will be offering a $150 discount. The 16GB Moto X will be selling for $350 and the 32GB model will be just $50 more, $400. That means we are talking Nexus 5 prices here. We also cannot help but wondering how many new Nexus 5 owners are wishing they didn’t jump on that early adopter train so quickly.

Regardless though, both handsets are solid performers and both have been getting solid reviews. Of course, the Moto X does have a few perks that stand above what we saw Google offering with stock Kit Kat and the Nexus 5. One of those is Touchless Control, which is actually being improved to include “Find my Phone” support with the Android 4.4 update that has been rolling out with US carriers.

Otherwise, the Moto X Developer Edition models are currently selling for $550, which means that after the Cyber Monday discount – they will be priced at $400. At present Motorola has two Developer Editions available — one is for Verizon and the other is GSM, with support for AT&T and T-Mobile.

With that, while the wood backs remain unavailable, the ability to engrave the back, or as Motorola has it listed, “sign your design” is once again available with Moto Maker customized handsets.

VIA: +Motorola