The details on Google and Motorola‘s Moto X smartphone are still a bit of a mystery. While the information continues to leak out, we’re still left wondering exactly what the internal specs are, and what exactly Google has planned. However, this week we learned a lot from Motorola’s own sign up page, and the leaked rear custom color plates.

We know the Moto X will be highly customizable. Rumors with that detail have been seen for months. Motorola confirmed their “Made in the USA” completely customizable smartphone will be available soon, but we’re still left wondering when. This week we learned they’ll offer custom engravings, up to 16 different pastel colored rear panels covering the battery, and special color trim options as well.

However, now today another round of leaks is giving us a look at the front fascia of the Moto X. We’re seeing it in both white and black, with and without the Motorola logo. Likely the Moto logo we’ve been seeing is only for internal testing, and the front will be absent of any logo as we see in the image above.

The jury is still out on the final specs, but latest details that have followed these leaked images states a 1.7 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro. As a reminder that’s a slightly faster Galaxy S III. So still a powerful and speedy device, just not top-tier. Moto X should have a 4.7-inch HD display, and it appears that Google and Motorola are going for the mass market with this well rounded smartphone.

We should be learning more soon, and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for additional leaks and information. Latest reports suggest a July 11th reveal.

VIA: GforGames


  1. it could mean a lot to the ifixit minded folks out there if that glass is easily changeable and not fused to the screen as is the case in most phones. Would mean spending $20 to swap out broken glass instead of $200.

  2. Hope we can get a surprise and the specs will be revised upwards. Many will like to see the Snapdragon 600 or 800 running the show, at least the quad core 400 should be at the helm. Since performance of most phones with dual and quad core can be flawless with JB, battery life is HUGE as a spec and will be a major determinant for future phone purchase. All the four or so phones i have my eyes on…battery capacity and probably being removable will be key in my choice. So many good phones with top of the line specs all around but usually fall short on battery capacity, stamina and durability. I need a phone with more than a RAZR MAXX like battery and stamina…hope either the next Nexus, HTC One Max, Sony Honami, Moto X will deliver that.

    • Count the Honami/Nexus 5 out then, the Moto X sounds like a bog standard affair in the battery department, i’d say we’re looking at the 2,500 MAH region for a phone this size. The Note 3 is likely to get a 3,600 MAH battery, 500 increase over the Note 2 much like the 500 increase from the S3 to the S4., 400 more than the rumoured HTC one Max

  3. What are the chances the screen goes from edge to edge in that front plate? Or do you think there will be some “filler” bezel?


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