You are probably tired of reading about it, but there might still be some souls out there waiting for the perfect time to grab a Moto X. Well, Motorola is giving those another chance with yet another seasonal discount promo, just in time for school, at least for some in the US.

The price changes are as follows: The 16 GB model now costs only $299.99, a $100 savings. The 32 GB variants, both the regular kind and the special Developer Edition, had their prices slashed by $125 down to $324.99. And the shiny new 64 GB version also gets a $125 discount and can be yours for only $374.99. These are all available via Moto Maker, meaning all the styling options are available, but at their regular price. Want wood back covers to go with your new school phone? Add $25 into your cart.

Motorola has been doing these price cuts and promos for its still one and only flagship, so it’s no longer surprising to see such things. The question shifts from “when’s the next promo” to “until when will they be giving out promos?”. That said if you’re still looking for a decent almost mid-range smartphone with an almost vanilla Android experience and lots of context-aware features, then the Moto X remains an interesting, and now cheaper, option.

If you do decide to set your heart on the Moto X, better move fast. While the promo is available until July 31, 11:59 ET, it only runs while there are supplies, And if previous sales are any indication, those supplies run out fast. And it’s only available in the US, so no dice for the new Moto Maker in Germany.

SOURCE: Motorola