The rumors surrounding Google and Motorola’s upcoming Moto X smartphone haven’t slowed down. In fact, they’ve only increased now that Motorola’s confirmed the device is real, coming soon, and will be completely customizable after posting a teaser site on July 4th. However, the latest rumors swirling was that a private press event on July 11th was taking place, but we can now confirm that is false.

Motorola launched a teaser page confirming the smartphone last week, then shortly after followed up with a product page and the image you see above. Combining a few random reports of a July 11th unveil with the “X” and “I” (roman numerals 11) you see above, the rumor mill decided July 11th was the day we’d learn more details.

Following that was popular tech blogger Leo Laporte confirming a private event for “50 or so press members” on July 11th, which helped stir the pot. After reaching out to Google and Motorola, Android Community has learned that the July 11th rumor just that, a rumor. Guy Kawasaki, former Apple evangelist turned Motorola employee, is having his own private gathering with friends and no products will be revealed or launched. So don’t worry guys.

That basically puts that entire rumor to rest. Motorola has nothing going on come July 11th, and when they are finally ready to show and announce the anticipated Moto X, we’ll surely know about it. A launch as big and as important as this phone, they’ll be screaming it from the mountain tops with tons of press coverage. Just as they’ve already started.

The phone has leaked a lot over the past week, and so far all the details still aren’t known. We’ll be keeping out eye out for more information, just don’t expect it to come on July 11th. More details on Moto X can be found from the timeline below.


  1. Actually, Leo said on TWiT yesterday that they had just emailed him with the details of what he was going to see, along with a non-disclosure agreement so he couldn’t say what was in the email. Definitely more than “Guy Kawasaki…is having his own private gathering with friends”


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