During times like this when the mobile market is overcrowded and constantly changing, you sometimes need to shout out loud to be heard. Moto X, the flagship smartphone of Motorola, is doing just that with a “too good to be true but it’s real” penny trial offer and the release of the 64GB option for the smartphone.

For just $.01 (yep, that’s not a typo, that’s really a penny), you can customise your own Moto X through the Moto Maker and have it shipped to your doorstep. For 14 days, you can try it out to your heart’s content and if you decide you want to keep it after the trial, they will then charge it to your credit card. But after two weeks of playing with it and you find out it’s not for you, you can just return it to them by printing out the return label included in the package. Such a great offer will of course be snapped up by gadget freaks out there, and so as of this moment, there are no more available promo units since it’s a “while supplies last” kind of offer. But who knows, they just might open it up again soon once they see there is a big demand for it.

Another enticing feature to tempt people to come over to the Moto X side is a 64 gig storage option when you’re creating your personalised smartphone. Because the Moto X lacks additional storage slots, this might be a good enough reason to try it out. At $449.99, It’s only $100 more expensive than the 16GB one and $50 more than the 32GB model.

But while all these offers are tempting, the purchase of Motorola by Chinese tech company Lenovo last January leaves the company’s status still on shaky ground. The Texas factory of Google will be shutting down soon and as they are the ones producing the customised devices, it remains to be seen whether the Moto Maker option will still be available in the future. Lenovo has not yet made any major announcements on whether they will let Motorola go on as it is or they will be making major changes both to the corporate and the product side of things.

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