The one day Moto X Cyber Monday sale from Motorola was eventually rolled into a two day offering and while there were likely some that missed out due to the limited availability — it seems there is now another chance to score a deeply discounted handset. This latest promotion is being done in conjunction with the Today Show and is giving users the option to pick up a Moto X either on, or off contract.

The offer is allowing for a $150 discount from the off-contract price, or a 50 percent discount from the contract price. Basically, this means those choosing the off-contract route will be able to score a Moto Maker Moto X for $349 or $399 depending on whether you want 16GB or 32GB of internal storage. Accessories are also included this time around. According to Motorola, those grabbing a Moto X will be able to get a 50 percent discount on one accessory.

Just like the small catch of being able to get one accessory at a discount, there is also some other fine print you may want to be aware of. First and foremost — this is a limited time offer. Details coming from the FAQ on this offer touch on how “registration will remain open while quantities last, or by 8PM EST December 21st, whichever comes first.” Simply put, if this is anything like the last Moto X discount offer you may not want to wait all that long before committing.

This time around Motorola has stuck with the register and get a promo code to use later. Those interested in the offer will be able to use this “saw it on the Today Show” form to get started. And for those getting stumped on the first question — “todayshow50” is the registration code. Otherwise, it is just a matter of giving up some personal information such as your name, telephone number and email. And lastly, this offer excludes the recently released Bamboo backed Moto X.

VIA: Droid-Life