We had know Motorola was planning to release a wood back option for the Moto Maker customized Moto X, however the availability date had been a mystery. Motorola stepped up with a bit of teasing earlier in the week, however they kept the availability details under wraps. But as we often see, teasing is followed by a release. And well, the wooden backed Moto X is now available through Moto Maker.

For now the wooden backs are limited to bamboo. This option can be found in the Styling portion of the Moto Maker process. Specifically, under the Back section where it is listed in the Natural category. For now bamboo is the only natural option available, though, more options are expected to arrive in time.

Motorola has the bamboo back listed as being made of “natural materials as unique as you are.” While available, that uniqueness does come with a few catches. To begin with, there is an extended shipping time. Looking at Moto Maker we see an estimated delivery of 7 days, and when the back is changed to bamboo that jumps to 14 days. This backing also comes at a $100 premium.


Aside from the new bamboo option for the back, the Moto Maker customization process still gives you the option to choose between white or black for the front and from a variety of accent colors. Those going with Moto Maker also have the option to to add the accent (boot message) and even the signature on the back.

Bottom line here, if you had been holding out for a Moto X with a wooden back cover — now may be the time to move forward with your purchase.

SOURCE: Motorola