We suspect some will be less forgiving in terms of the issues that Motorola had on Cyber Monday, but judging from how quickly the Moto X coupon codes went last week and today — it seems there was plenty of demand for a $349 Moto X. Well, $349 or $399 depending on whether you choose a 16GB or 32GB model. Anyway, the second day of the sale was today and just like last week, it ended within minutes.

Motorola didn’t announce a specific time, however a tweet from the @Motorola account arrived at 12:09.

“That was fast! Moto X is sold out at its promo price. If you registered, a confirmation email will arrive shortly. Happy Holidays!”

Or in other words, this time around the sale ended in roughly nine minutes time. That was rather similar to what we saw last week. The unfortunate part this time around, those who missed out, simply missed out as this was the second and final day of the transitioned Cyber Monday sale.


That having been said, those who managed to get in before the allotted coupons were drained, you should be on the lookout for an email from Motorola. Last week those took anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to arrive.

Also worth noting, Motorola is giving you some time before those codes expire, which means you have some time to finalize a color scheme you can be happy with. The email is coming from “Motorola Moto Maker” and entitles you to a $150 discount. Motorola is also extending the accessories offer for those purchasing a Moto X. That is another coupon code and it will allow for a 30 percent discount on “most” accessories.