A software update for the Moto X has been making the carrier rounds. This is the update that brings fixes for the camera and touchless controls and so far it has hit three of the big four US carriers. AT&T was the most recent of the three with the update arriving just last week. We are still waiting on word from Verizon Wireless, however a recent leak is suggesting US Cellular will be rolling the update out soon.

The details have yet to be announced by US Cellular and are based on a leak at the moment. What we are seeing is coming by way of a “Device Service Bulletin” dated for October 2013. Said bulletin is for the Motorola Moto X and includes a changelog for a maintenance release that is beginning to look rather familiar.

Details here include the version being Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with a build number of 13.9.0Q2.X-116-MX-17-57. Anyway, while this one does look familiar, it is not an exact copy from the other carriers. The US Cellular Moto X update is also adding the Wi-Fi Now application (version 4.5.75). This is an app that will help you to automatically connect to available hotspots and while it is coming with this update, it is also available for download from the Play Store.

The remaining items in this update include the following;

Enhancements to the following experiences

  • Camera
  • Active Notifications
  • Touch less Controls
  • Motorola Assist

The following Motorola Experiences would be upgradeable via Google Play

  • Touch less Controls
  • Motorola Assist

Calling (Improved Voice Quality)

  • Addressed issue that sometimes resulted in choppy audio being heard by the person you are talking to using your Moto X

While this is certainly looking like good news for those who picked up a Moto X with US Cellular, we can almost hear the complaints coming from Verizon Moto X users. That being said, if you are sporting a US Cellular Moto X we suggest keeping a close eye on your notifications because according to this, that update should be here within the next few weeks.

VIA: Droid-Life