The Motorola One Power is real according to many sources. We saw that photo that showed a notch while more specs revealed a few days later. We thought Lenovo would be going back to Motorola branding and that the Motorola One Power would be one of the first. As it turned out, Motorola is definitely introducing a new smartphone. It’s real and it comes with a notch. Meet the Moto One as a new phone offering from Lenovo-Motorola. Don’t be confused about all the phones from the company as Lenovo is simply releasing a new Motorola-branded phone.

Also called as Moto One, it’s the first notched phone from Motorola. The brand has joined the bandwagon and we’re expecting it’s only in preparation for a bezel-less phone someday. There is no official and public confirmation yet but we’re looking at what we believe is a prototype. The notched display is very obvious and may remind you of the iPhone X or the LG G7 ThinQ.

The phone may be known as Moto One Power, Motorola One, or the Moto One. So far, we know it has the iconic ‘M’ branding, rear fingerprint sensor, and the dual camera setup in a vertical orientation. The phone already runs on Android One and sports some 6-inch Full HD+ screen, 8MP selfie camera, dual stereo speaker, and USB Type-C.

VIA: Techinfobit