The last Durability Test by Zac Nelson aka JerryRigEverything we featured was for the BlackBerry DTEK50. The first one we’re featuring for this year is the Moto G4 which isn’t exactly a premium device but a lot of people have been requesting “Jerry” to test the smartphone. The Moto G4 is an inexpensive unit compared to the other phones tested recently.

SCRATCH TEST. The Moto G4 is equipped with a Gorilla Glass 3 display so it scratched at Level 6 of Mohs Hardness Scale Test. That is actually normal for any recent smartphones in the market. It is also on par with the rest of the tempered glass screens in other flagship devices already tested. This phone’s screen is scratch-resistant but not in the same level as the ceramic or sapphire screens found in other devices.

The large earpiece slot doesn’t have any metal grill protecting it. It appears to be a fine vinyl cover that can be easily scratched and is prone to collecting dust. The camera is covered by glass so it’s also scratch-resistant. The back of the phone is removable but interestingly, the battery is non-removable. You cannot access the battery without tearing it down which is weird.

Phone’s back cover is made of rubber and is easily replaceable. The grippy material is easily scratched with a blade. Using coins or keys won’t scratch, proving us the cover is resilient and durable. The power button and volume rocker on the side are made of plastic. Scratching the side reveals inner plastic has a different shade of gray. You’ll see the Motorola M logo is built into the rubber cover.

BURN TEST. The LCD screen is under the Gorilla Glass similar to how the iPhone’s display was built. Burning the screen lasts nine seconds until it turns to black but it goes away eventually when heat is removed.

BEND TEST. Bending the phone from the glass front, the device still works fine. Doing it from the back results to a major flex but phone still doesn’t snap in half. Even if it already looks like a banana as noted by Zac, it still functions perfectly fine.

The Moto G4 passes the Durability Test. It only proves that a great and durable phone does not have to be expensive.

SOURCE: JerryRighEverything