The Moto G arrived a bit ahead of schedule for those in the US market. Motorola began selling the handset earlier in the week with promise of deliveries kicking off on December 2nd. Well, a quick check of the accessories section in the online Motorola store shows product listings for the Shells and Flip Shells.

More to the point here, both items are available for purchase and similar to the handset, set to begin shipping on December 2nd. There isn’t much in the way of surprise with either of these. Motorola originally unveiled both the Shells and Flip Shells during the Moto G announcement event. The Shells are $14.99 and the Flip Shells are $29.99.

Shells are simply a fancy sounding description for a replacement back cover. Basically, that is to say you can pop off the standard black back cover and replace it with something that better fits your likes, or for this price, your current mood. The Shells are available in a variety of colors including; Chalk, Violet, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Lemon Line and Cherry.


The Flip Shells snap over the back of the handset and the front portion is a magnetic cover that will turn the display on as you open the cover. And vice versa, the display will turn off when you close the cover. Similar to the regular Shells, the Flip Shells come in a range of colors. These include; Chalk, Black, Violet, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Lemon Lime and Cherry.

Otherwise, while not yet available, Motorola does have a third option coming for the Moto G. This other will be the Grip Shell. These are made of a rubberized frame which is said to be able to offer extra grip and extra protection. The Grip Shells are expected in “early” January.


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