We have been spending some time with the Moto G recently. Last week we shared a bit of hands-on experience with the Flip Shell cover for the handset and while putting the finishing touches on our full review, we noticed a new boot animation. It seems the Motorola Boot Services app has been updated and it brings a bit of winter.

Or more specifically, a bit of snow. Granted, this is just a small change and one that will only be noticeable when you are rebooting your phone, but it does keep things fresh and interesting. This time around, Motorola has added some snow, which is a nice twist, especially for those who know it is winter, but live in a warm location and have no chance of seeing snow otherwise.

Again, the app is the Motorola Boot Services and those carrying a Moto G will be able to fire up the Play Store and update. That is, assuming you don’t have auto-updates set. Either way, make sure you have the latest Boot Services update installed, power down your Moto G, turn it back on and pay close attention for the boot animation.

Alternatively, those who don’t want to reboot their phone, you can simply watch the vide sitting above. Now that we have seen this winter snow boot animation added, we do have to wonder what little surprises they plan to bring in the future.

Aside from this quick video, look for our full Moto G review which will go live a bit later this afternoon. And for those not remembering what the boot animation used to look like, the image sitting below is what Moto G users saw during startup.


SOURCE: Google Play Store



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