It’s not uncommon to hear of similar smartphones that differ in some hardware or feature, but rare do we see one that is differentiated only by an accessory. And yet that seems exactly what the Moto G Forte is, which is practically the same Moto G except that it comes with a case right off the bat.

Yes, this Forte variant comes with the Grip Shell case out of the box. This gives the small budget-friendly Motorola smartphone a personality of ruggedness and toughness. Why Motorola or Nextel Mexico, who exclusively carries the device, would see fit to out such a combination is anyone’s guess. One can only presume that the good citizens of Mexico have a penchant for tough devices, just as some markets are heavily into dual SIM smartphones.

Otherwise, the Moto G Forte is the exact same Moto G we have grown to admire, sporting a blend of Motorola’s premium features on budget hardware and an equally budget price. You get the same 4.5-inch HD display, 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage, with the 16 GB option no where in sight. You can review our in-depth look at the Moto G here to remember why we came to like this mid-range beauty.

The Moto G Forte is currently available only in Mexica and only via Nextel Mexico, who is selling it with a 2-year contract at 600 MXN, around $46, a month. There is no word if Motorola will put out the same product in other markets, but one can also simply just buy a Grip Shell case to the same effect.

SOURCE: Motorola, Nextel Mexico
VIA: Android Central