Google announced Android Wear yesterday, and following shortly after we saw word about the Moto 360 coming from Motorola. The Moto 360 will be a smartwatch powered by Android Wear, however many of the specifics have yet to be revealed. Motorola mentioned how it would be available in the summer months, but pricing and anything more specific in terms of availability remains a mystery.

One surprise with the Moto 360 was the circular display, something we haven’t been seeing in the smartwatch space just yet. That seemed to attract quite a bit of attention. Not to mention, the number of rumors along with general chatter about the watch seem to suggest plenty of people are hoping to have one sitting on their wrist.


We are taking a look at some comments that have recently been shared on Weibo. The comments come by way of a source that has been accurate with Motorola leaks in the past, and have been discovered by G4Games. More to the point here, this source suggest that round display may actually cause some issues. It was said the Moto 360 availability may be rather limited.

Specifically, the source mentioned how the Moto 360 would not be a “high production device” and touched on how it would be available in limited quantities, and possibly in limited markets. As mentioned, Motorola has yet to offer any pricing details — but this does suggest the Moto 360 could be the more expensive Android Wear watch of the bunch.

With that, it is also rather important to remember this is nothing more than rumor and speculation at this point. Naturally, we are going to have to see what else Motorola has to say as we move closer toward the summer months. Still, the Moto 360 does seem like it will be a solid option for those who want a not-so-geeky looking smartwatch.