Google announced Android Wear, and Motorola followed that with an announcement for the Moto 360 smartwatch. Motorola has been fairly quiet with specifics on the watch — even despite doing a Meet Moto 360 Hangout the other day. It was during that Hangout where the topic of charging came into question.

You’ll notice the watch doesn’t have any obvious place for charging. The Motorola response — that is a secret for now. We are still a bit curious, however some leaks seem to be addressing that issue. The leak comes by way of Weibo, and brings mention of the Moto 360 having “magnetic induction wireless charging.”

Other details coming from this same source include the Moto 360 having an OLED display panel and sapphire glass. The glass aspect will offer protection against scratches and scuffing. As for the OLED aspect, this goes back to a point Motorola made during the Hangout. They touched on how some of the tech that went into the Moto X will carry over to the Moto 360.

To that point, this would suggest the Moto 360 will bring goodies such as always-on voice. Not to mention, a slightly better battery life. Touching back on the source of these leaks, this is the same person responsible for the bit we heard earlier in the week about the Moto 360 being available in limited quantities. Anyway, with an expected release during the summer months, it seems we may still have a bit of waiting before anything official arrives.

VIA: G4Games