In trying to build up hype and content around its upcoming smartwatch, Motorola might have accidentally divulged the price for the Moto 360. Though it could still very well change just before launch, it’s still comforting to know that it won’t be as expensive as previously leaked.

A French website earlier claimed that the Moto 360 smartwatch would have a price tag of 249€, around $340 when converted, easily making it the most expensive among this year’s batch of smartwatches so far. Whether there was some typo or translation error involved, it seems that the actual price is considerably lower, at least for the US market. According to Motorola itself, the device would have an ARV or “approximated retail value” of $249, which now makes it the cheapest among Samsung’s Tizen-powered Gear 2 and LG’s upcoming G Watch, if the leaked $275 price tag for the latter is also correct.

This bit of information was gleaned from the rules of a design contest that Motorola is now running. The contest calls on designers to help create watch faces for the device. It won’t be about designing apps yet, just about making the smartwatch’s counterpart of a homescreen beautiful. Google is putting out its own call for beautiful Android Wear apps, but for now, Motorola is more interested in the part that it has more direct control over.

The voting period for the contest officially ends on June 24th. Taking into account a few days that would take to get winning entries integrated into the smartwatch, there might just be enough time to see the Moto 360 make its grand entrance at Google I/O in July.

SOURCE: Motorola (Google Drive)
VIA: SlashGear