If you are rooting for the Moto 360‘s more circular take on the rising smartwatch trend, you might want to start saving up. The price of Motorola‘s first Android Wear smartwatch was just leaked by a French website, and it’s going to cost a bit more than anything else you’ve seen so far.

Compared to LG and its G Watch, Motorola has been a bit more silent regarding its Moto 360 smartwatch. Nonetheless, the device is just as, or maybe even more, interesting, particularly because it more closely resembles the round faces of regular watches. That and because it seems to have been the poster boy for Google’s launch of its Android Wear platform.

Bits and pieces about the Moto 360 have been leaked before, but this latest one is probably the biggest shocker. According to an inside source, the smartwatch will launch in Europe with a price tag of 249 EUR. Converted, that would be roughly equivalent to $340. Compare that to the $299 of the non-Android Wear Tizen-powered Samsung Gear 2 and the 199 EUR or $275 rumored for the LG G Watch and you’ve got what is probably the most expensive smartwatch this year.

Of course, this is an unconfirmed leak, and we are definitely hoping for a considerably lower price when the Moto 360 comes out stateside. But depending on how the smartwatch turns out, that $340 might very well be a price worth paying for.

VIA: Journal du Geek, SlashGear