Does the Galaxy Nexus leave you cold? Is the DROID RAZR too anemic for your power-hungry tastes? Is the Optimus LTE just a let-down? Then set your lustful eyes upon the top-secret HTC Edge, because according to some recent leaks to BGR, it’s the top contender for the heavyweight champion of the Android world.

According to an anonymous tipster (who lamentably didn’t have any new photos) the Edge will indeed be the first smartphone to feature Nvidia’s monster quad-core Tegra 3 processer running at a blistering 1.5Ghz. The processor is backed up by a full gigabyte of RAM and 32 gigs of on-board storage. The phone itself is updated as 8.8mm thin – very slim for a device with this much horsepower – but must go without a MicroSD card slot. The screen is a massive 4.7-inch 720p panel using the latest in S-LCD technology. Optical lamination makes the screen seem to float just below the glass with no space for air or dust. NFC and a large 1800mAh battery are included.

An 8 megapixel camera and 720p front cam combine with Beats Audio the as-yet unseen Sense 4.0 to round out the package. There’s no mention of which Android version the Edge is running, but with a probable 2012 release date, we’ve got to hope it’s Ice Cream Sandwich. (Those navigation buttons on the front don’t automatically mean Gingerbread – ICS can use its soft buttons selectively.) Keep in mind that this is all very much rumor, and while the original photo/render looks legitimate enough, there’s nothing set in stone so far.

[via SlashGear]


    • Not necessarily. While I too would hope that it would have onscreen buttons, it could be trying to find the middle ground to transition over people who are used to capacitive buttons on current devices. A dumb decision, yes. Still a possibility: yes. 

      There are always gonna be people who prefer the physical feedback, so what’s currently physical buttons and capacitive buttons will eventually become capacitive buttons and onscreen buttons, respectively. 

      Just some consideration. 

      Or you could be entirely right. Who knows.

    • I’ve almost used up all the space on my 32gb microsd card with music alone. So I have my music library, plus I would want to put a ton of hd movies on there to take advantage of that 720p display, plus the phone shoots in 720p, which could use up 32gb depending on how much you use the camera.

      Hell, I could probably use 128gb!

      I agree with ALLA412 – no microsd=total fail.

    • well, i would prefer a phone with a micro sd slot so if bad luck comes my way & i drop my phone on my son gets his tiny hands on it i still got all my memories of him in the memory card & not having them just wiped away! can’t always rely on plugging it onto the computer every day.

  1. I’m just wondering how, in a phone with a 4.7 inch screen, they couldn’t manage to find room for a microsd slot. I won’t buy an iPhone or the galaxy nexus because they don’t have microsd card slots. Looks like I can add this phone to that list.


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