We haven’t gotten into the biking bandwagon but we believe it’s more than just a trend. Doing some exercise is just one of our numerous New Year’s resolutions we hope to keep and we know that getting on that bike, an actual moving one (not a stationary bike) will help us shed some pounds. Like most geeks, we’re on the lookout for apps that will help and looks like Moovit is that ultimate app that will provide information about where to get bikes for hire in a city.

We don’t have plans of buying or building a new bike simply because it’s another challenge to keep one. Instead, we’re going to hire whenever there’s one available to use. Some cities in different countries have started this practice already but it has yet to become the popular choice of transportation. Finding and renting bikes is now available on Moovit. Availability is still limited in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan though but with more than 750 cities covered.

We believe in Moovit’s goals to provide access to users not just buses and trains but also bikes. Moovit is an app that supports the eco-friendly mode of transportation. Just search a bike location on the map and see where there are bikes available, choose ‘get directions’ to get to the bike or the next empty slot.

Moovit features Live Directions with Get Off Notifications, Bike Share, Time Arrival Information, Favorites Screen, Service Alerts, Live Ride, and Route & System Maps. These special features will let you view any local transportation map near you and alerts when you are near a bike stop. Moovit has also partnered with major transit operators in most countries, as well as, bike sharing providers like Santander Cycles, Bike in Bath, Nextbike, and BelfastBikes.

Download Moovit from the Google Play Store