We were all wondering what this “Friendly Update” was all about when Mojang announced it. For sure, it had something to do with the outfit’s biggest moneymaker, Minecraft Pocket Edition (and on Windows 10). But it’s only now that we’re getting clarity on this – Minecraft will be getting two new features that will allow more of your friends to play with you, Realms and cross-device play.

First up, Realms are online play servers for Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can build your worlds on there, invite only your friends to have access to the world you’re creating, and it will always be accessible to you and your friends, wherever you are and even when you log-off. You might be concerned about privacy, but only people you’ve invited can come and access this online realm.


What makes this all the more exciting is the cross-device multiplayer feature. This is where the update gets its “friendly” moniker. Now Minecraft players can play their games with friends with whatever device they are currently on – an android device, an Apple iPhone, or even a Windows 10 PC. Heck, players can even use a Gear VR.

All these new goodies, plus piston-powered elements and the all essential pig-riding, will be in the Friendly Update, aka update 0.15. Realms will be free to use for a month. After that, we surmise that Mojang will start charging people for use of their servers.

SOURCE: Mojang