If you’ve been playing Square Enix’s Mobius Final Fantasy, you’re in for a treat as the game gives its players lots of reasons to be cheerful as the New Year rolls in. Mobius Final Fantasy is one of Square Enix’s more popular free-to-play RPG titles – if you’re the type who likes the modern 3D look rather than the pixelated approach of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. So here are the New Year goodies for the game, wrapped up in the Mobius Final Fantasy Summon Festival 2018.

The Mobius Final Fantasy Summon Festival 2018 is an in-game event that gives the game’s players a lot of incentives to keep playing the game. First up, the game is giving a free Supreme Card Summon for players who purchase at least 12,000 magicite in game. Lucky players will also have the chance to summon Supreme cards that feature iconic characters from classic FF titles, including Aerith from FFVII, and Duncan from FFVI among others.

In celebration of the New Year, the game is also opening up a new time-limited region in the game. This new area is called “Palamecian New Dawn 2018”, and it is available for all players. This new region features free summons, and chances to obtain magicite, among other freebies.

If you haven’t tried Mobius Final Fantasy yet, the New Year is surely a great time to start a new game. Check out the game from the Play Store, and see if this is the new RPG for you at the beginning of the year.

SOURCE: Square Enix