If you go loco for the US Major League Baseball, then you will want the best baseball management game app to be on your Android smartphone or tablet. And since baseball is a game of numbers and stats as much as it is a game of curve balls and home runs, you’ll need a good app to bring it all together. There’s probably nothing better than MLB Manager 2017 for that specific purpose.

MLB Manager 2017 is for the consummate MLB fan – it allows you to manage your favorite teams with updated 2017 opening day lineups. And since the app is officially licensed by the MLB Players Association, you won’t have any problems with the players’ real names and stats. You can guide your favorite team through the 2017 season and beyond, with no limit to how far into the future you can go.

But this is not just about the future, you can also journey to past seasons and recreate history. Available in the game are the 1927, 1948, and the 1997 seasons for your gaming pleasure. Other years are available through IAP at USD$1.00 each, or buy them bulk – all seasons starting 1901 for USD$20.00.

The game is now available at the Play Store for the premium price of USD$5.00. If you love the MLB and you like management games, this is one you should not go without.

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