Xiaomi is working on a new smartwatch. The Mi Watch is expected to be announced next week with Wear OS but now we’re hearing a new Xiaomi watch may also run on MIUI. There is no confirmation yet but some information appeared on Weibo. Two videos have surfaced showing off what is said to be MIUI for Watch. Basically, it’s just Xiaomi’s very own user interface on a smaller screen. The watch in the video looks like the Mi Watch that earlier appeared but now it’s in action.

The MIUI for Watch platform is a different move by Xiaomi. While most OEMs may be pushing for Google’s Wear OS, here’s Xiaomi implementing its own wearable OS. There’s nothing wrong with that because it can still be compatible with other devices.

We’re guessing Xiaomi decided on the MIUI for Watch because there are plenty of Xiaomi phones in the world. The Xiaomi watches and phones can definitely work together. Compatibility won’t be a problem so might as well make both devices that have the same OS.

This Xiaomi Mi Watch is expected to be announced on November 5. It will be introduced together with the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro aka Mi Note 10. The videos you see on Weibo are quick demos of the wearable UI.

We see a 3×3 grid of the smartwatch apps set in square icons. The dark background tells us the system may have a dark mode similar to the MIUI for smartphones. You will find the digital crown on the right that helps navigate the UI. Pushing the crown scrolls through the system. It also works as a power button.

The other video appears to be a promo for the MIUI for Watch. Those familiar with the MIUI for phones will see the similarities. What do you think of the MIUI for Watch?