If you own a Samsung Galaxy S II and are a fan of MIUI interface custom ROMs for Android a new alpha version of the smartphone has now landed. The ROM is only in alpha stage now and the devs are very clear that you can’t expect a fully functional ROM right now. The devs do give a nice list of what is working and what isn’t working and the list of what’s not may keep all but the most ardent tinkerers away right now.

Right now the ROM will boot up, shows the screen, hardware keys, internal storage, and SD card as well as offering functioning Bluetooth. What isn’t working and are still on the to-do list includes the boot logo, the ability to get a phone and data connection to make the phone actually work, and WiFi. Various sounds and other items are still missing as well.

If you want to put the alpha ROM onto your S II, you can download the file needed on the XDA-developers forums and there are complete install instructions too. The install instructions include reboot to CWM, wipe the cache, data, system, and Dalvik cache and install the ROM form a SD card. You need to select MIUI-test.zip as well. When a fully functional ROM will be offered is unknown. You can see the boot process of an S II running the alpha ROM on the video below.

[via XDA-Developers]