MIUI is a very sleek, smooth, and clean user interface and ROM for Android. You have probably heard of them, or seen video’s of their UI. Just like CyanogenMod, and MoDaCo, they build Rom’s and have a pretty large following. They are lovers of Android that have developed a completely unique spin on Android and it’s UI. Hold on though, Get ready for whats next!

At first some thought it was too iOS/TouchWiz but now that they have fine tuned the UI it has became the best of all worlds. It’s a little stock Android, with some iOS, TouchWiz, and Sense UI all tied into one beautiful user interface. With them also releasing English language packs they are quickly becoming very popular in the Android community.

The MIUI team yesterday released the above image on their forums and that is all they gave us, just a little tease. Mentioning that we should all stay tuned because something exciting would be coming soon to that spot. I have a feeling it will be any day now. For you readers that may not know a lot about MIUI, here’s a little info and a few video’s for you to see what they are all about, and their stuff in action. MIUI Dev’s Overhaul Android, and MIUI Beta 5 Released. Stay tuned on AC for more information as it comes in.

[via MIUI]


  1. Hah when you said “drop” I thought you meant they weren’t going to work on it anymore…but now I’m excited! Nice find guys.


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