The Android developers better known as MIUI have released a beautiful Weather Widget pack today. Called the Weather Beta 1. It is a nice blend of the Sense UI weather widget, Beautiful Widgets (my personal favorite) and a little iOS all wrapped into one. Although iOS is not cool enough to get widgets, MIUI ROM’s do have a certain iOS look to them, and so does the settings for the widget, but that is another story.

The weather widget is still in beta, given the name. So expect things to improve and change over the coming weeks. Even though this is beta 1, I feel it’s pretty polished and works great. I flashed it on my MT4G before writing just to look it over. It’s very well done and might just be my new widget for good. They are also about to release a Gingerbread ROM that will I’m sure be ported to many many other devices just like the last few ROM’s they released.

The weather widget needs to be downloaded for your specific location. The European APK is good, but for the US you need to get the file that is specific to your state. Since there is many different versions to download I’ll just send you over to XDA to choose what you need. Enjoy your new widget and tell us how you like it in the forums or comment below.

[via XDA Forums]



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