Misfit recently released an app for the Pebble smartwatch. And nicely, the Misfit app isn’t just one that pairs up and grabs data from your fitness tracker. The Misfit app actually turns your Pebble into a fitness band, and while not offering an exact feature match — this setup could serve to replace the Shine wearable.

First things first though, the Misfit Pebble app is able to track your steps and daily activity. The Misfit app, which is actually a watchface, is able to display the time of day, the amount of steps you have taken, and shows the current points you have earned (towards your goal). Those coming from the Misfit Shine wearable would have to ditch the sleep tracking as that is not offered on the Pebble app.

The Misfit Pebble app is available for free, and can be found by launching the Pebble app (on your phone or tablet) and navigating to Get Apps -> Health & Fitness -> Misfit. Alternatively, you can also navigate to Get Apps and then tap the search icon in the upper right to search for the Misfit app.

And as the Pebble is waterproof — this means you now have a fitness tracker that can be worn at all times without worrying about getting wet. This could also serve as a nice test to see if you are going to start…and continue using a fitness tracker before moving on to a standalone unit (whether you upgrade to the Misfit Shine, or another model entirely).

Anyway, you can check out the Misfit Pebble app (on the web) using this link.

SOURCE: Pebble