We weren’t expecting the Misfit Shine companion app to arrive in the Play Store until sometime in 2014. While “early next year” was a previous timeline, the app seems to have arrived a bit ahead of schedule. The good news is that Android users with a Shine activity tracker will be able to start using the app as of today. But as we often seen with these types of apps, the device support is pretty limited.

First things first though, the Shine will sync wirelessly and the app brings a few features including; My Shine, Activity Progress and Sleep. The activity progress portion is just as the name would imply — this allows you to launch the app and check your current progress on items such as steps, distance and calories. The sleep portion again, is as the name would imply.

Using sleep, Shine users can monitor how much they are sleeping per night and how much of that sleep time is considered deep. The remaining item, My Shine, is where you will go to create your goal. And once created, the Shine app will give credit for activity including running or walking as well as swimming and cycling.

Otherwise, use of this app does require you to have a Shine activity tracker. While those originally began as an Indiegogo offering, you can now purchase one online. The Shine is currently selling for $119.95 and aside from tracking your daily activity, this one differs from the competition by using a long-lasting battery. The battery is said to last upwards of four months.

Also, for those worried, the Shine is waterproof. Otherwise, touching back on the device support. According to the Play Store listing, the Shine will work with Android devices with Android 4.3 or later and Bluetooth LE (Low Energy). In this case, the supported device list includes the Nexus 5 and Nexus 4 as well as the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy Note II.

SOURCE: Google Play Store