There are plenty of available activity trackers at this point in time. Aside from the currently available options, there is another still in development. This other is called the Misfit Shine and while Android support was promised, it looks like that has since been delayed. The disappointing part about the Android app support is how the Misfit Shine is launching. For those not as familiar with this item, it had launched as an indiegogo offering.

In other words, users choose to back the project and some did so with the promise of Android support. The silver lining is the support has not been cancelled completely, just pushed back. Though, the delay does seem to be significant. At the present time the folks behind the Misfit Shine have said that Android support will be arriving “early next year.”

There wasn’t much of a reason given. The announcement, which was posted on the indiegogo project page simply stated how they have “decided to only support iOS at launch.” Further nothing that supporting iOS will allow them to roll out the features they want in order to “give you the best user experience out of the box.”


Well, the best user experience for iOS users anyway. Those using Android and feeling burned with this news can get a refund. You will need to make contact through the indiegogo project page, but you will get a full refund. Alternatively, there will be some perks for those who want to see this through and wait it out.

Those waiting will get a $25 gift certificate and the Shine will still be usable, even without Android support. Of course, it was said that you will need to sync it with your phone to get the full experience. Basically, if you backed the Misfit Shine and happen to be an Android user — you know have a decision to make. Finally, while this may or may not matter for Android users, the Misfit Shine, when it does ship — it will be waterproof for swimming.

VIA: TechCrunch

SOURCE: Misfit Shine