Minuum is a one-line keyboard. We’ve seen the keyboard on a smartphone, and even on a smartwatch. As of today it looks like the folks at Minuum are taking another step into the wearable world. The company has introduced Minuum to Google Glass.

The team mentioned they had been working with Google Glass for several months and now have options that will allow users to type using the touchpad, or subtle head movements. The included video (seen below) offers a look at how both options will work. Up until now Google Glass users have made due with voice commands when sending messages, however it seems like the ability to type could be helpful — especially if you happen to be in a quiet place.

Along with touch and head movements, Minuum was also showing some proof-of-concept techniques. They made it clear these “wouldn’t all necessarily work with the current version of Google Glass,” however they do show some neat ideas. The concepts include tracking eye movements, a secondary device such as a ring, and a keyboard overlaid on another surface.

For those not as familiar with Minuum. This keyboard is touted as being a “smarter, smaller keyboard.” The smartphone and smartwatch version highlights how the keyboard is small and takes up less screen real estate. That perk wouldn’t necessarily be as beneficial for Glass users, but there is the auto-correction aspect. Minuum also touts how the keyboard is fast and allows users to be “surprisingly sloppy” and still get the words correct thanks to the “revolutionary new auto-correct.”

Time will tell how well Glass users will like Minuum, but in the meantime it has been intersting to watch them spread to different devices.

VIA: TechCrunch

SOURCE: Minuum


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