Omate TrueSmart users now have another keyboard option to consider. This latest is the Minuum keyboard, which is one we took a took at a few weeks earlier when the v2.0 release arrived. At the time we were mainly looking at Minuum on the Moto X, however we did briefly test it on the TrueSmart as well.

The catch was, at the time we looked at Minuum you would need to have had the Play Store installed or sideload the APK. This latest bit of news, the partnership between Omate and Minuum means availability by way of the OStore (the default app store on the TrueSmart).

While the OStore availability is a perk, there is more involved. TrueSmart users will be able to download the Minuum keyboard for free. For reference, Minuum regularly sells for $3.99 in the Play Store. Both Omate and Minuum are touting this as being a good option for the watch as it shrinks the keyboard down and takes up less screen real estate, something that is needed with a small display.

The folks at Minuum have also said Omate users will “receive automatic Minuum updates with new languages and features as they become available.” Those looking for more on how Minuum works should watch our hands-on from back in May, and also check the video sitting below.

SOURCE: Minuum