Streaming music services are the In thing now when it comes to listening to songs on your mobile device. Samsung launched Milk Music earlier this year, exclusive for Galaxy owners in the US. And following in the footsteps of most other music apps like Spotify, Rhapsody, Beats, etc, they are now offering a premium service for those who want to have additional features aside from those in the free service.

When Milk Music was launched last March, their distance advantage over other music services is that they are ad-free. While that is still true up to this day, even with the launch of the premium option, there is a disclaimer on the app page that it’s for a limited time only. What the premium service offers in addition to the free features is that users will now have unlimited song skips (for when a Pitbull song inexplicably comes up in your rock station). They will also now have the option to turn off the DJ commentary if they start becoming too talkative and annoying). It also has a Sleep Timer if you want the app to pause after a certain time has elapsed. It also gives you a chance to listen to some of the stations even while you’re offline.

Compared to other music streaming apps though, Milk Music is still very limited. It’s only available for those who have Samsung Galaxy phones or tablets and is limited to the US only (although a lot of those service started out like that as well). What makes it a little different is that it has a customizable dial, that will give you a feeling of nostalgia for when you used something like that to switch radio stations.

If you are a Galaxy owner and would like to try this exclusive music app, you can download Milk Music from the Google Play Store. The premium service will charge you $3.99 per month.