Coming as somewhat of a surprise, Samsung released “Milk Music” this afternoon. Milk Music arrives as yet another streaming music service, but this time around it is being done from the perspective of Samsung. Well, from Samsung and with a bit of help from Slacker Radio.

You see, Milk Music is powered by Slacker. There isn’t any similarity in terms of app design, however those who are familiar with Slacker may notice some similarities — namely in the playlists and some of the features. But while we make it clear that Slacker is powering Samsung’s Milk Music — we aren’t saying that as a bad thing. In fact, we are fans of the Slacker service.

In terms of what Samsung adds to the mix, here we are seeing a decent design complete with background art, easy to use navigation and a circle interface that you cannot miss. In fact, the app launches to the circle interface where you’ll find links around the perimeter. These links are categories. You simply tap the genre you want and then hit the play button below.

Sitting next to the play button is a menu that allows you to favorite songs, ban songs, add songs to personal stations, and more. And to the right of the play button is the skip button — complete with the number of available skips that you have remaining. The Milk Music app also has a navigation panel that comes out from the right side. This panel is where you’ll go to create stations, manage existing stations, customize that previously mentioned dial, and more.

It was said that Milk Music offers more than 200 stations. The service is available for free, and for a limited time will also be free of advertisements. The catch here, this is available exclusively for Samsung Galaxy device owners. Having said that, if you have a Galaxy device and have been looking for a free streaming service that is easy to setup and easy to use, go ahead and give Milk Music a shot.

The Samsung Milk Music app can be found in the Google Play Store.


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